Umbrella Crop architect to achieve engineering design goals to reach in the top level lead in the Global export and marketing  business

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Mission & Vision

The company’s vision is based on the complete production chain to achieve maximum profit, also hopes to ascend the ladder leadership in the Arab world and the company aspires to be a leader in diversity and the development of production lines

100% Organic

100% organic, our lovely teas content only naturally grown ingredients that were cherished by warming sun and wind.

Client’s Choice

Our Products won several awards in clients’ choice nomenees all over the world. We are very happy that you choose us.

Best Quality

Every pack is carefullu picked and inspected by our tea experts prior to its shipment. Quality assurance guaranteed.


Develop working mechanism so as to comply with the administrative development and technical curricula.


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We export Indonesian poultry slaughtered on the Islamic way by weights 800 grams .900 grams .1000 grams .1100 grams .1200 grams .1300 grams 0.1400 grams to various countries around the world

The company’s purpose is to participate in the poultry development in Malaysia through the production of hatching eggs and broiler chicks and breeding poultry and live and slaughtered and sell their production in the domestic market or export and breeding mothers and sold everything related to the activity of poultry…

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