We export Indonesian  poultry slaughtered on the Islamic way by weights 800 grams .900 grams .1000 grams .1100 grams .1200 grams .1300 grams 0.1400 grams to various countries around the world.

The company’s purpose is to participate in the poultry development in Malaysia through the production of hatching eggs and broiler chicks and breeding poultry and live and slaughtered and sell their production in the domestic market or export and breeding mothers and sold everything related to the activity of poultry

Our Mission

The company is raising broiler in the latest wards closed isolated from the contamination zone. And farms better results have been achieved using the company’s products distinctive of chicks and feed the granulator and it is all done under the supervision of a selection of highly experienced technicians in the field of breeding broiler

Chicks one day old

We specialize in producing world famous chicks


Poultry barns

For the production of broiler chicks at the highest level of bio-security and nutrition, drinking ventilation, lighting, heating and cooling system automatically in all stations mothers farms. The mothers farms producing chicks fattening of the finest global strains Farms company Lively, high efficiency and immunity illiteracy at the highest level